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Epos Credit Card Apply: Tips on How to Apply and Advantages

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By using a Epos Card, you earn points while spending, which helps you save money on travels and shopping.

The application process is very simple for non-Japanese residents and students.

We explain how to apply and what are the benefits of using this card.

Apply for a Epos Credit Card

There is no annual fee to issue or renew the credit card.


You can apply for the card online, get the result, and then pick it up at the store to issue it on the same day.

If you receive the card at the Marui store, you will receive a special coupon worth 2,000 yen. If you receive it by mail, you will receive 2,000 Epos points.

epos credit card

Epos points that can be accumulated in various scenes. There are many ways to use it.

"Epos Card" issued by Marui Group, which develops fashion buildings mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

If you use it at a VISA member store, you will usually earn 1 point (return rate 0.5%) for 200 yen.

The accumulated points can be used as 1 point = 1 yen at Marui stores and mail orders.

If you transfer points to an Epos Visa prepaid card with no annual membership fee or issuance fee, you can use it at about 38 million VISA member stores in Japan and overseas. In addition, 1 yen will be cashed back for every 200 yen.

In addition, you can choose various exchange destinations such as gift certificates, miles, and d points.

Apply for a Epos Credit Card

Epos Card Details

Annual membership feeFree
Reduction rate0.5-5.0%
Supported payment methodsApple Pay, Rakuten Edy, Mobile Suica
Accumulated points / affiliated pointsEpos points / miles, d points, Ponta points
Ancillary services / benefitsSpecial treatment at 10,000 stores nationwide, 10% off Marui sale four times a year
Shopping insurance coverage-
Travel insurance coverageDomestic:-/ Overseas: 5 million yen
International brandsVISA
Additional CardsETC Cards, Epos Visa Prepaid Cards
Recommended scenesShopping, travel
Issuance daysSame day ~ about 1 week
Card enrollment conditions18 years old and over (excluding high school students)

Apply for a Epos Credit Card

Apply for a Epos Credit Card


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